Why Do People Order Food Delivery?

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The Philippines ordered ₱55 billion of food delivery in 2020. 

33% of food consumed in the Philippines in 2020 were ordered from restaurants.

Subscriptions to GrabFood and FoodPanda in the Philippines increased by 61% in 2020.

We are now living in the age of online food delivery. There is no escaping it, there is no denying it. With rapidly changing market conditions, emerging food trends and more people working from home, the world of eating has changed dramatically over the last two decades, with the global market now being worth more than US$150 billion, it’s here to stay.  

So, why exactly have we grown to love this now necessity in our everyday lives?



In a world where we are so immersed in technology and have so much information available to us, we are exposed to a variety of options, including that of food. Food trends, food challenges, food channels, all influence what we want to eat on a daily basis. You’ll find on a delivery app that food has no restrictions, whether you want some dessert in the morning or breakfast for dinner. The vast array of food choices on a food delivery app can be surprising or satisfying. It’s all there for the taking!


Contactless Delivery

With COVID-19, contactless delivery was an essential part of food delivery operations. And even as the globe begins to adjust and find it’s groove again, contactless delivery is still taking precedence when food is delivered to customers. Why? It was a function that consumers got used to during multiple lock-downs in the pandemic. If there is not a need to hand items off, why should you do it? Food delivery apps continue to recommend this process to their drivers as it is the easiest way to maintain distance between the driver and the consumer. 



Had a long day at work and you have now time to cook? Order-in. Can’t be bothered going to the supermarket? Order-in. Friends over? Order-in. Don’t want to dine in a restaurant? Order-in. There are a number of reasons why you would open up that app on your mobile phone to order-in because you know it is more convenient to order online than to spend time cooking. With the convenience of delivery apps, it’s easier and simpler to search for something to eat and order it, taking out the hassle of using your precious time cooking. Comforting, isn’t it?


Customer Experience

There isn’t a need anymore to go into a restaurant or a bar to experience ‘customer service’, because it is all integrated in one of the many delivery apps. Think about it. You’re welcomed by your delivery app, by name, and offered promotions and discounts as soon as your app is open. As soon as your order is placed, you receive live-updates on food preparation and delivery estimated time arrivals. You are able to contact the restaurant and the driver without any hassles. You know you are going to get quality food from a restaurant when you are able to see their star rating and read their reviews before you order. Customer experience, in the palm of your hand.


So, want to get in the food delivery game? Contact us today!

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