This cake shop customizes cakes for every occasion!

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Running out of ideas for your upcoming party? Consider buying your own personalized cake from Kink Cakes. With branches in Timog, Commonwealth, and Makati, this shop is a cake lover’s paradise. 

Kink Cakes specializes in crafting cakes that are both playful and imaginative. Despite its daring reputation in design, the bakery caters to all kinds of customers, including adults, children, and everyone in between. Their offerings span various occasions such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties. Over the years, Kink Cakes has made ripples in customizing cakes. If you’re thinking about getting your daughter a Hello Kitty cake, Kink Cakes can bring that idea to life. The best part? All of the treats, from candies to pastries are handmade and decorated by their amazing team of talented individuals. 

In the photo: Kink Cakes’ Naughty Cakes

If big cakes are not your thing, Kink Cakes recently started offering miniature celebration cakes which can also be customized!

In the photo: Customized Art and Celebration Cakes

Want to place an order? You may reach Kink Cakes through their Facebook or Instagram accounts or visit their stores in Timog Avenue, Commonwealth, and Makati City.

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