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Supporting & Serving 4,500+ Stores

Supporting & Serving
4,500+ Stores

Integrations for everything and anything you need.

With klikit – say goodbye to multiple devices and focus on a single system to manage all your orders, menus, marketing, and more.

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best of both worlds.

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klikit is available on any Android device. It is currently optimized for mobile devices, but works on tablets or any device with access to Google Play Store.

To learn more about how to download the klikit app, click here.

No — klikit is designed simply to make your life easier by streamlining operations, you'll still be active on all your favourite sales channels and 3rd-party delivery platforms!

For existing clients, the duration of your contract/subscription can be found in the SaaS agreement provided to your company. Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to know more about this!
If you do not have a Customer Success Manager, reach out to the support team through the in-app chat widget or email us at [email protected].
Yes, klikit works on all devices including Sunmi! You can download it through this link.
Once downloaded, in order for klikit to work on your Sunmi device, you have to go to Account > Device Settings > Select Sunmi

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