List: 7 Affordable Food Spots in UST

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Photos from TomasinoWeb and Mang Tootz

The 400-year old University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila is surrounded by iconic spots where students and faculty can enjoy good meals at affordable prices. Here are 7 affordable spots that have grown with UST throughout the years.

Angkong Dumpling House

When one thinks of UST, perhaps Angkong comes to mind. As the saying goes, “ang Tomasinong gipit, sa siomai rice kumakapit.” This bang-for-your-buck dimsum house offers tasty and affordable siomai, dumplings, and wonton treats at PHP 70, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Choose whether you want your dumplings steamed or fried, and pair it with rice and soy sauce for the ultimate meal. 

Photos from Angkong Dumpling House

Dimsum Treats

With a total of 13 locations spread across the Metro, including convenient spots in P. Noval and Dapitan St., Dimsum Treats is giving Angkong a run for its money. Students often find themselves torn between the two, thanks to Dimsum Treats’ equally mouthwatering offerings. From crispy fried to steamy siomai dumplings, they’ve got something for everyone, starting at just PHP 55. You can even take home their frozen dumplings (PHP 200) for when you’re craving some Dimsum Treat goodness at home.

Photos from Dimsum Treats

Mang Tootz

Need a quick snack before going to class? Head to Mang Tootz for their iconic Banana Rhuma, a rum and caramel-infused turon topped with cinnamon and sugar. At just PHP 105, you can enjoy 15 of these sweet treats — good for sharing but we won’t judge if you eat them all. For family celebrations, Mang Tootz offers 100 pieces of this dessert for just PHP 700. Aside from this dessert, Mang Tootz is also a popular lunch spot for students, offering tasty meals at an affordable price. 

Photos from Random pieces of my life and Mang Tootz Food House

Heaven’s Taste

Looking for a sisig fix that’s out of this world? Look no further than Heaven’s Taste! Dive into their Manila Pork Sisig (PHP 95) or their Chicken Barbeque (PHP 105) for a meal that’s truly divine (pun intended!). This cozy karinderya holds a special place in the hearts of UST students, thanks to its founder, Nanay Gay, and its long-standing history with the university. And as you swing by Heaven’s Taste on V. Concepcion St., take a moment to admire the grad pics adorning its walls, capturing the memories of students who’ve enjoyed heavenly meals here.


Barcollie’s (also known as Brown House) offers delicious and affordable Filipino and American cuisine.Their fried chicken (PHP 90) and pork sisig (PHP 90) are praised for their texture and flavor, making them a favorite among students. Enjoy these with unlimited rice, some iced tea and you’ll be truly satisfied.

University Scoop

Feeling down after a tough exam, a disappointing UAAP game, or a rough patch in your love life? Head over to UScoop to turn those frowns upside down! This cozy ice cream parlor and restaurant offers a variety of comforting treats like old-school sundaes, parfaits, and banana splits, along with satisfying options like burgers, pasta, sandwiches, and Pinoy rice meals — all at student-friendly prices, starting at PHP 50! 

Photos from 8List

From humble eateries and hidden gems to the most popular spots, UST’s vibrant student life is definitely intertwined with its diverse food options. We know that there are even more delightful surprises waiting to be discovered around every corner of this lively campus. 

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