The Corner House: The Chillest Spot in the Metro

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The Corner House in P. Guevarra corner Recto St. in San Juan is one of the chillest and most aesthetic spots in Metro Manila. This multi-level and spacious neighbourhood mall is perfect for hanging out with family and friends, taking photos, or going on dates. Here’s a quick guide on where to eat and shop in The Corner House. 

a.m. espresso

Kick things off with delicious coffee from a.m. espresso. Found on the ground floor of Corner House, this charming outdoor spot is perfect for gatherings or solo work, offering complimentary wifi. Explore their unique coffee flavors such as the Ube Latte (PHP 140) and Coconut Crush (PHP 150), as well as their selection of fruity sodas and pastries.

Bun Appetit

Bun Appetit is a seafood lover’s paradise! They serve delicious dishes like Salmon Ikura (PHP 650) Toast, made with sourdough, cream cheese, and salmon roe, and the savory Garlic Noodles (PHP 250) for a heartier option. Don’t miss their flavorful Lobster Roll (PHP 1,290), although it’s a bit pricey,we’d say it’s worth every peso.

Photos from Bun Appetit’s Instagram Account


Head to Tajimaya for an authentic Yakinuku experience. Each table here has its own grill for customers to cook their meat, seafood, and more. It’s a great place for big gatherings, so make sure to bring your family and friends when you visit!

Photos from Tajimaya’s Facebook Page

Seven Plates

Living up to its name, Seven Plates menu is a combination of cuisines from the seven corners of the world. From Egyptian, American, Japanese to Filipino food — you got it all here! Looking for some lunch?  We heard that their Temple Crab (PHP 2,200), deep fried crab tossed in a yummy chili sauce and served with garlic fried rice, is a crowd favourite and we can’t wait to try this and many more on our next visit!

Photos from Seven Plates’ Instagram Account


Tamagogo, a Japanese-inspired food stall, offers a range of Okinawan Onigiri filled with options such as miso tofu, unagi, sausage, mushroom, spicy salmon, pork floss, sukiyaki, char siu, mozzarella, and more — all nestled between layers of egg and Japanese rice. In addition to sandwiches, they’re famous for their donburi and soba dishes featuring various meats or tempura, along with Tsukemen and other sides.

Photos from

Cold Folks Ice Cream Bar

There’s always room for dessert! Head to Cold Folks for amazing ice cream! Their Leche! Dulce De Leche  (PHP 235) and Empire State Oreo Cheesecake  (PHP 235)  flavors in waffle cones are simply irresistible. Don’t forget to try their other delicious flavors too — we’re sure you’ll love them!

Photos from Cold Folks’ Instagram Account

One World Deli

Need to pick up groceries on the way home? Check out One World Deli on Basement 1 — they have a wide range of specialty items and meats, along with a coffee shop and imported deli goods. They offer everything from fresh meats to pantry staples and wines. And the best of all?  You can also grab a quick bite to eat while you’re there!

Right photo from Manila Bulletin

Don’t forget to check out The Corner House, Metro Manila’s latest hangout spot with its charming outdoor vibe and delicious food options. See you there?

The Corner House might be the chillest spot there is 👀 There’s a few newly opened cafes and restaurants that perfectly match the vibe of the place. Lots of spots to open soon like Yardstick 🫢 Looking forward to visiting again! 📍 The Corner House, San Juan #klikit #kliktok #thecornerhouse #cornerhouse

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