On the Radar 2023: Trends & Insights

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We see food moving in an exciting direction, backed by technology and increasingly customer focused.

Phones have become our constant companion, so it is unsurprising that technology has found a seat at the table.

The F&B industry has come a long way from traditional dine-in experiences. Nowadays, tech has integrated itself within the industry in every form — dine-in, delivery, and even takeout.

Still, it focuses on ensuring the needs of its consumers are met, with stomachs well-fed. Suddenly, the idea of conveyor belt dining and ordering via tablet isn’t the most innovative idea with thousands of practices shared across the world.

Convenience is easily accessible with a tap.

Hungry? Go on a food delivery app.
On the go? Food is already nearby.
Tired of the same thing? Access endless options.

Even luxury brands are stepping into being more accommodating to its consumers of different budgets through food.

Businesses within the F&B industry also have endless choices, tools at their disposal. The question is: Which is the right solution for their needs?

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