The Top 5 Hottest Restaurant Trends to Watch In 2022

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Happy Holidays from the entire klikit team to yours! As we approach the start of 2022, we reflect on how the entirety of F&B has changed in the last two years.  Digital menus, food delivery platforms, ghost kitchens and virtual brands are dominating our industry — with loads of technology companies entering the market.  In this article, we dive into some of the biggest trends we think are going to control the conversation for 2022.


1. Getting spooky, ghost kitchens galore!

We believe that ghost kitchens, largely a function of the increase in demand for delivery, are here to stay.  As consumers want more and more choice about what they eat, and with delivery starting to eclipse dine-in for market share and consumer top-of-mind — more and more in hospitality are will feel compelled to explore this uncharted territory if they haven’t already.


2. Old favourites and new tastes

New media like Kumu, TikTok, and Instagram Reels have enabled customers to discover a range of new cuisines and foods they previously would never have been exposed to.  While your cheeseburger classics are still going to perform well, consumers are going to want new takes on the old — like nostalgic products from their childhood (as in, Gen Z and Millenial’s childhoods!) — in addition to new cuisines from across the world.  Kitchens that can cater to this ever-expanding palette are likely to do well.


3. Company catering, done differently

With people embracing work from home (“WFH”),  employers will need to rethink how they provide corporate meal programs.  As a result, more food delivery apps are likely to get into the game of offering corporate subscriptions, where staff can select from a range of meals at a pre-determined cost and delivery time.  This is great news for kitchens because it will eliminate inventory crunches and provide consistent, guaranteed sales.


4. New social sales channels

While we are all used to food being sold on apps purpose-built for delivery like GrabFood and foodpanda, the future is suggesting social commerce as the next big channel. People will soon be buying food on Shopify, Instagram and TikTok of all places — likely food brands enjoyed or built by their favourite creators!


5. Delivery drones

While it seems like something from a Netflix sci-fi special, we actually think drone delivery is closer than we all realise.  We anticipate that for simple food products, businesses (especially large scale quick service restaurants or QSRs) will begin exploring these options more and more.

Remember though, these are just predictions! The only certainty we have is change — and if you’re looking for a one-stop software solution to manage all of that, then look no further than klikit! We offer you the ability to launch, scale and manage multiple brands across multiple locations and channels — even helping you set up your own ghost kitchen.


Contact us today for a strong start in 2022! 

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