Improving Food Delivery in Four Steps

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Food delivery demand is expected to grow upward until 2025 and bounce back from pandemic losses*, so restaurateurs turn to technology as the tool to grow alongside the industry.

Tech, especially in the food business, can be daunting with its myriad of functionalities and features — some you need, some not so much. Other restaurants prefer to keep order tracking and management old-school: on paper. While using paper to manage deliveries may seem easy enough, it does become a nightmare for the kitchen staff during peak hours.

Here are four ways on how to make the most out of food delivery and software solutions:

  1. Consolidate
    • Embrace consolidation. Wholeheartedly – not by balancing delivery devices in one hand, and pen & paper in the other. Consolidate all in one platform. With chaos in the kitchen and the constant flurry of online and/or dine-in orders, keep things minimal by managing all these in one place. This is especially helpful when customers have some last-minute order changes/add-ons since you don’t have to go through devices and pieces of paper to keep track.
  2. Automate
    • Save time with automation. Not strictly limited to robot wait staff, automation tools come in many forms and depends on what tasks you need help with, whether it’s automating repetitive tasks or making the most with a limited crew. Automation can range from using a cloud-based POS system so data analytics & payment isn’t stressful, QR code ordering so your staff can focus on providing a better dining experience, to delivery integrations so all orders are synced up in one place.
  3. Train
    • Train your staff effectively. Food may be the heart of your business, but restaurant staff is the system that keeps it alive. The delivery software that you choose acts like the brain – the staff and the software should always be in sync, familiar with each other in order to make the most of both resources. Whether it’s order management and making menu changes, your staff should be oriented and capable of manning the software on their own.
  4. Analyze the numbers
    • The philosophers had a point: while knowing your customers’ preferences is important, knowing yourself by taking a look at your own performance is just as necessary. This means seeing whether your strategies, your expenses on promotions, and current menu offerings are working – or if it’s time to try something new.


Consolidation, automation, training, analytics for your restaurant and food delivery – have it all in one place with klikit, an easy-to-use platform with powerhouse features to help your food delivery operations run smoothly. Food delivery software services don’t solve just one problem.


Customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, wiser use of resources, or an accessible platform to manage everything in just one device — everyone, from customer to restaurateur & staff, will experience the benefits. The time to use klikit is now.



*Source: Google’s e-Conomy SEA 2022 report.

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