Choosing the Right Technology to Manage Your Restaurants

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Technology is changing so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and functionality offered.  In short, restaurateurs need to be armed with a strong decision-making process to choose technology that caters to their specific needs at a comfortable price point.  Here, we list out some key considerations in making that decision:


The most important — Point of Sale (“POS”)

The POS is the command center for your restaurant.  It enables sales, and should store your menus, price lists and, in some cases, control your booking and seating services, too.  While there are a lot of POS providers out there, it is important to find the one that is right for you and your specific needs — for example, do you even need to take bookings? Is seating and table identification important?  Can you afford an expensive all-in-one?  All of these factors need to be considered when investing in your POS, which likely will be the most expensive piece of software you purchase.


Back of House

Beyond the POS, there are a bunch of other important functions that need to be performed in a restaurant, including rostering, payroll, and accounting.  All of these are of critical importance to running your business effectively and efficiently, while still being compliant with the local laws and regulations.  That said, there are so many tools out there it can be difficult to find something that will do what you need at the right price — we recommend tools such as Deputy, used by top restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King.


Inventory and Spoilage Management

Another big area for consideration is your inventory management solutions.  While this can occasionally be built into a POS, often it will take staff a serious amount of time to reconcile transactions and build in spoilage to your current stock.  As a result, a number of platforms have sprung up to try and manage this — including the process of reordering — but many can be clunky and costly.


Delivery App Management

Finally, the last important piece — an absolute must-have these days — is how your business intends to manage online food delivery sales.  Without proper POS integration, even having just one brand on delivery means an additional 2 to 3 devices inside the kitchen — distracting staff, causing chaos and generally impacting the overall experience.  This is further complicated if you decide to run a ghost kitchen or produce virtual brands for additional income. With multiple delivery brands out of a single location, current technology infrastructure, including POSs, are not able to deal well with this future.


Fortunately, that’s why klikit exists.  We’re a one-stop software solution for F&B looking to digitize their offerings, especially in the ever-popular food delivery, and can help you manage multiple brands, locations and sales channels from just a single device.


Contact us today to experience why restaurants love klikit!

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