SaaS platform klikit saves restaurant kitchens from ‘tablet hell’

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klikit comes out of stealth and wants to save more Southeast Asian restaurants and food businesses from ‘tablet hell.’ They juggle several devices at a time, one for each delivery app. After owning and operating a ghost kitchen, klikit CEO Chris Withers saw firsthand how the food delivery space can be so overwhelming. He understands the challenges of having to work with different tools all at once and having to think of  aggregators, commission fees, devices, ads, social media, brands, etc. He wanted a solution to these kitchen woes and so came klikit.  The initial offering is an F&B software that better caters to the needs of restaurants and cloud kitchens. Since then, their SaaS platform, klikit Cloud, was launched.  It has already serviced more than 150 brands in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. Read more on how klikit saves restaurants and food businesses by visiting this TechCrunch article.

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