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With the rise of hotpot chains in the Philippines, Suki-Ya’s Eat-All-You-Can sukiyaki and shabu-shabu is one you shouldn’t miss. Located inside Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Suki-Ya offers a wide range of choices for sides, meats, vegetables and other mouth-watering options–perfect for celebrations, date nights, and bonding moments with friends.

As we stepped into Suki-Ya, the atmosphere felt welcoming and familiar, despite its Singaporean origins. There’s a cozy vibe that hints at Filipino hospitality, making us feel right at home. Here, you’re spoiled for choice with a variety of broths like Sukiyaki and Butaniku, complemented by an assortment of meats—beef, chicken, pork—plus enoki mushrooms and fish balls for added variety. Customize your dipping sauces with options like spicy peanut, miso tare, and fresh egg, and wrap your meats with a selection of fresh vegetables including lettuce, bok choy, carrots, and corn. They even offer noodles if you’d like to make your own ramen. For their drinks, choose between a variety of juices that are also unlimited (for an additional charge).

For just PHP 599 on Mondays to Thursdays and PHP 649 on Fridays to Sundays, you’re treated to an unlimited feast that’s worth every penny. At Suki-Ya, you’re not just paying for a meal; you’re investing in an experience. With an abundance of food options and endless combinations to explore, it’s safe to say you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

Out of all their meat offerings, we recommend trying out their beef. They were thinly sliced so it was easy to cook, and it didn’t feel fatty at all. For their broth, we tried their bestsellers, Sukiyaki and Butaniku which we enjoyed–but ultimately preferred their Butaniku since it was creamy and more flavorful. 

Suki-Ya is a definite must-try for both seasoned hotpot enthusiasts and those new to the hotpot craze. We’re definitely bookmarking this for any future celebrations (or when we’re just hungry!). Check out Suki-Ya at the Filipino Village, 2nd Floor, Ayala Malls Manila Bay. For reservations, you may contact 0976 220 2635 or check out their Facebook page.

I still dream about the fishball with cheese inside 🤤 📍Suki-Ya, Ayala Malls Manila Bay #klikit #kliktok #ayalamallsmanilabay #sukiya #shabushabu #sukiyaki #manilabay

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