Taqueria Franco: French and Mexican Flavors in Salcedo, Makati

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Located in Salcedo, Makati, Taqueria Franco is going viral with its inventive blend of French and the Mexican Taqueria. With a menu crafted by the one and only Chef Miko Calo, former head chef at Metronome, this spot is definitely a must-try for food lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. After hearing all the buzz about this place, we tried it out to see for ourselves what makes this restaurant a must-visit.


Crafted by OTO’s David Ong and ReCraft Bar’s Cedric Mendoza, Taqueria Franco’s cocktail menu is as exciting as its food. Perfect for happy hour with friends, the bar offers a range of creative drinks. A standout is the Sangre de Franco (PHP 500), a mezcal and tequila-based concoction with a spicy, tangy kick from the tajin. For those who prefer a fruitier twist, the Gin & Jus (PHP 350) is a refreshing option, using yuzu and grape juice, delivering a potent yet fresh taste.


The appetizers at Taqueria Franco also have the same creative and delicious trait. The Le Bon Junk (PHP 300) is their playful take on the classic Granny Goose Tortillos. Served in its chip bag, it surprises with a mix of feta cheese, garlic béchamel, and tomato concassé. Another must-try is the Octopus Tostada (PHP 350), where smoky octopus is combined with a fresh, acidic vinaigrette and greens, all atop a crispy tostada for a perfect bite of texture and flavor.


When it comes to tacos, Taqueria Franco does great in delivering unique and delicious combinations. The BBQ Chicken Taco (PHP 450) pairs tender BBQ chicken with fresh sour cream. For a more indulgent option, the Steak Frites Taco (PHP 600) is the way to go. It has a tender steak and crispy shoestring fries, all brought together by a rich beef jus, creating a beefy and satisfying bite.

Want to try it out yourself? Head to Taqueria Franco here!


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