Start your fitness journey with these spots in Makati!

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Struggling to find a healthy spot to jumpstart your fitness journey this 2024? These healthy food spots in Makati will have you on track with your fitness goals. From vegan options to low-carb offerings, you have a wide variety of things to choose from.

Mean Greens by Habit Food Group

Don’t miss out on Mean Greens, who offer delicious yet healthy bowls. All their ingredients are locally sourced, and each bowl packs a ton of bold flavors. If you’re in the mood for different cuisines, consider trying their Spiced Yogurt and Falafel Salad, Falafel salad or their Dak Gui bowl. Visit Mean Greens (and other Habit Food Group Brands) in San Agustin St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. Want to enjoy this at home? They deliver to different cities in the Metro, and you can order via Grab, foodpanda, or klikit!.

Green Bar

Along Aguirre St. in Legaspi Village, Green Bar (Instagram, Facebook) serves good food (and we mean, really good food!) at reasonable prices. Indulge in their Miso Mushroom Bowl  (PHP 430) with quinoa, mushrooms, and veggies without stressing about carbs and calories.  Need a drink? Their Banana Pineapple Coconut Smoothie  (PHP 240) will leave you wanting for more. Who knew healthy food could be this good?

Greenbar’s food is on the expensive end for a reason – their food is good good 👌 #makatifoodies #makatifoodtrip #salcedomakati #healthyeats #healthy2024

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Salad Stop

Whether you’re having  breakfast, lunch, dinner—or even just snacking – you’ll find a range of options at Salad Stop (Instagram, Facebook). Located along Leviste Street in Salcedo Village, Salad Stop is the perfect food hub for those wanting to cut calories. They have a “create your own salad bar” where you can  customize your own salad wrap or bowl, with your preferred  ingredients. We highly recommend their Go Geisha Salad Wrap (PHP295) packed with vegetables, edamame and japanese miso. Just remember to grab a plate as it can get quite messy while enjoying this flavorful treat!

With these delicious, guilt-free spots, you’re sure to stay on track with your fitness goals for the year! Know of other healthy spots in the metro? Tell us more about it on our Instagram.

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