How to Take Better Food Photos — and Boost Sales in the Process

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They say people eat with their eyes first, and nowhere is that more true than online food delivery apps.

With consumers having nearly unlimited choice on these food delivery apps, one of the best ways to stand out in the crowd is to nail the photography, with bright, colourful and appealing pictures of all your dishes.  In this article, we’ll reveal some of the top tricks that food photographers use to make anything appealing:


Use natural lighting, for that organic look

Using harsh artificial lighting, like ring lights, overheads or even built-in flashes can make the food look flat, unnatural and unappetizing.  Instead, focus on trying to use natural light to create candid moments that make your dishes look delectable and desirable.  If you absolutely have to use artificial lights (perhaps because of time constraints), then ensure that you bring reflectors to prevent it directly hitting the food.


Work those angles

The next secret is angles, which in many cases can make or break a dish.  For some, overhead shots work well (like pizza) or occasionally you’ll need to use side angles, for items like burgers or fries.  Keep experimenting, and be sure to try every angle with every item so that you can choose your favourite from the list of options when editing later.


Cut down on clutter

Does that napkin really add anything to the photo? Delivery app photos are very different from those in cooking books or magazines; they should be clear and concise, while clutter should be minimised to allow for focus on the food.  While a rustic bench might add some flair, try and trim down on other objects in the frame.


Photos of everything

One last mistake restaurateurs make is that they only take photos of their most popular dishes.  Remember, on delivery apps customers want to see photos of anything and everything, since — and this is especially true for ghost kitchens — where they can’t actually physically visit the location. If you’re paying for a photographer, make sure you take the time and get pictures of it all!

Platforms like GrabFood, foodpanda, etc. estimate that complete photos boost conversion by upwards of 20% once customers land on your restaurant page — meaning more photos result in more sales!


Marketing is a difficult game, and that is exactly why here at klikit we are here to help.  Use our software to instantly and consistently manage all your menus and locations across all platforms, so you can ensure your photos look good everywhere. Learn more about how klikit works here.

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