10 Top Marketing Tips to Attract New Customers

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Τhe best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing! See what the ten top marketing tips klikit has to attract and boost your customer numbers. The secret of getting ahead is getting started!

1. Leverage the power of social media

Social media has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for a variety of businesses. It is important to use the right platform in the right way in your own way. Connect with your customers, protect your online image and presence, get to know your followers, and identify the best platform to talk to your customers. Most importantly, you care about their needs and provide a great experience for users on your platform. This includes timely responses to inquiries.


2. Work on Search Engine Ranking

Search engine rankings are very important. You should use SEO as needed to improve brand awareness and keyword rankings. Make sure that all the details of keywords, website design, and content get the top rankings of search engines.

3. Prepare an efficient app

We also need an efficient app that customers can use to track grocery orders, payments, and deliveries. With so many app developers these days, it’s ideal to get the best that you can access on different platforms. Customers can conveniently order food at home or in the office. Attractive, efficient, reliable and powerful apps ensure on-time delivery.

4. Make the most of your deployment software

Last mile distribution software plays an important role in strengthening your digital marketing strategy. Great for routing when delivery is required. In this way, you can easily determine the shortest route to delivery to your customers. In addition, real-time delivery tracking software can be used to track drivers, allowing customers to track orders.

To optimize your food delivery, software, and application systems, make sure you can access them via the web, iOS mobile apps, Android, and other smart devices. The best solution is a system that can be efficiently coordinated with customers, drivers and other stakeholders. Solutions like klikit exist for this very purpose!

5. Use of video

Videos are a powerful marketing tool that helps sell your brand image in a short period of time. Sounds easy, but you need to know how to create and edit videos to promote your restaurant and delivery services. Integrate your brand concept in a compelling way with short creative videos. Videos that are easily identifiable by customers increase conversion rates. For example, make customers think about your brand when they watch your video or image.

6. Influencers

Influencers play an important role in the marketing world. It’s easy to trust marketing messages from acquaintances such as family, friends, and celebrities. Many influencers have an active social media platform, so they do social media marketing. So, combine the power of influencers, including food bloggers, to get them to recommend your food and drink delivery software application system and direct your business the attention you need to take to the next level. let me try.

7. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is powerful and hopefully you can easily reach your marketing goals. Today, over 90% of people can read the text within the first 5 minutes. Use SMS notifications to confirm your order and delivery. This creates loyalty to the customer.


8. Email Marketing

Many people have emails today. You’ll be able to reach more users with personalized messages and promotional emails, and notify your customers about upcoming rewards programs. Email is long-term and gives timely notifications of what customers should look forward to.

9. Real-time marketing

You also need to do digital marketing in real time. Watch out for big events like National Food Days and work on a simple marketing plan that will benefit you on those days. Keep in mind that grocery suppliers face many challenges, including online advertising. When promoting National Food Days, why not use your creativity and work on a simple message that draws viewers to your platform or restaurant?

10. Keep up with modern trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing. Social media ads come in a variety of formats, and you need to keep up to date with the latest trends. Therefore, you can promote your food ordering business in a fresh and innovative way. For example, McDonald’s is one of the oldest and most famous fast food franchises in the world. In Singapore, McDonald’s uses Doodle in a creative, fresh and engaging way to promote its franchise. So be creative, keep up with the latest trends like Instagram marketing and reach your digital marketing goals.

Want to keep up with food delivery and marketing trends? Get in touch with the klikit team today!

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