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Manage in-store & online operations — website, orders, menus & catalogues everywhere, all in 1 platform.

What is Cloud?

The all-in-1 software solution helping businesses manage in-store & online operations in just 1 dashboard — and build their online presence for free.

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All your orders in
one simple space.

Manage all your digital, delivery & in-store orders from a single dashboard in our mobile and desktop application. Integrate your social orders from Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

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Build your own online
presence instantly.

Save up to 70% in commission fees. We help you create a free online self-ordering site with klikit Webshop, all-in-1 link via klikit Portal, & instant webpage with klikit Site — everything you need to redirect customers directly to you for all orders.

Disclaimer: White label URLs for Webshop will allow customers to edit generic links with a branded domain that better reflects their business. This feature is only available for Lite, Pro, or Plus package users with klikit Admin role access.

Manage all menus & catalogues with a single click.

Only upload your menu once to create a Master Menu; control and update menus instantly — 5040x faster than before.

Manage expectations by reducing order errors & cancellations with Out of Stock toggling & scheduling. 

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What customers love.

From small businesses to enterprises, here’s why our wide range of clients love klikit

All-in-1 accessibility

Access everything you need to run all orders seamlessly from one place.

Seamless integration

All the complexity managed in a single location for your staff.

Revenue opportunities

Use klikit to create & onboard more channels to sell through and promote your growing business.

With only 1 device equipped with its own printer, we are able to monitor all orders from all our delivery apps.”

Assistant Store Supervisor, Coco Ichibanya

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All your orders in one simple space.